Stream High Quality Audio

For easy, basic audio streaming, you can use the broadcast feature covered in Screensharing

For professional grade audio:

  1. You'll need to create a hosted audio stream. To do so, get an account at (or similar)

  2. Create an audio stream (this will give you a URL to add to oncyber)

  3. Copy the audio stream login info (you'll need this to access the stream from your preferred DJ software)

  4. Go to oncyber to add the audio stream your oncyber space ( & click to add "Global Stream")

  5. Open your audio tool (either a DJ software like Mixxx or Traktor, or BUTT if your software doesn't support broadcast natively)

  6. Enter your audio stream login info into your preferred tool

  7. Click "Go Live", "Air", or a similar call to action in order to go live.

  8. High quality audio will start streaming to your oncyber space without you being in space

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