Template - Example File

Sample model & experimentation

Quickly get familiar with the basics!

For a quick walkthrough, download this example model and follow the steps below:

  1. Go to oncyber.io/uploader and drop the file. This is where you’ll test your own builds (uploaded as .glb)

  2. Open Blender (or other modeling software) and click to import glb

You’ll see a number of things -- importantly, observe the parent objects which house every mesh.

There are parent objects for collision, collision_invisible, display, placeholder, and portal. More detail is covered on how these influence the behavior of their child meshes in our getting started doc.

Here you'll note particular meshes that will dictate how people interact with the space:

  1. A mannequin for scale

  2. Floors which keep people on a particular level

  3. Collisions which give objects life and can help you define where users can go

  4. Placeholders that space curators can use to place artworks and other content to personalize and bring the space to life

  5. Portals which you can include in your space to connect to other spaces naturally. The portal furthest to the left also features an animated door to accompany the opening of the portal by the end user.

  6. Objects grouped in the display collection

You’ll note:

  1. The scale of the viewer

  2. Floors that stop you from falling

  3. Collisions if you walk to the edge of the space

  4. A picasso level artwork minted in early 2021 that was added by a space curator and can be inspected by visitors for more details

  5. Portals that link off to other spaces that the space curator set up, including an animated portal door furthest to the left

  6. Spheres surrounding the mannequin using different variations of metal/metallic features for reflection

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