Kit - Requirements


What is a Kit?

A kit contains a set of components that oncyber users can create dynamic Worlds with. Kits allow builders to build many variations of Worlds and large scale Worlds that are still incredibly performant.

Each kit is a glb file that must follow organization standards laid out further below.


This is a Beta; many things are likely to change and evolve over time.

Please share your feedback on the documentation, your experience in building for oncyber, and the oncyber platform and capability needs!

You can join our discord to work alongside and learn from other builders.


You are creating a kit that has many different components.

For any component in the kit, create an empty object and give it the most relevant name (in terms of what the component is).

End users who are building worlds with your kit will see these component names, so be sure to choose ones that make sense to the end user and look nice.

For each component, you'll need at least 2 objects within the parent object: one or more objects for display and 1 object for collisions.

You can use 1 material per object. Each object must be a single mesh. You cannot use instantiated objects. You can child multiple objects like you see in Building in the example here, but make sure that each object is just one mesh.

For your 1 collision object apply the suffix "_collision". This mesh should not have a material and still must be only 1 mesh. Other Notes: Users will use components upwards of hundreds, even thousands of times in a single scene, and they will be instanced, but it is critical to aim for the lowest vertex count as possible in order to avoid performance impact on the geometry front. Textures needs to be shared together as soon as there are space available in the uv mapping. Lowest count of texture possible, power of 2 size eg: (2048x2048), (1024x2048), etc

We've included a sample file that you can use for reference here:

Kit - Example File

You can join our discord to provide feedback, work alongside and learn from other builders and our team.

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