Collaborating With Others

Invite other people to collaborate with you for two reasons:

1) So they can help you customize the space (including by using their own assets)

2) So they can help moderate the space when others are in it

To invite someone to collaborate

  1. Go to and choose the space you want them to collaborate on

  2. On the panel, click on your profile picture that has a little plus sign

  1. This will generate an invite link. Copy the invite link and send it to anyone you want to join

  2. They will login through the invite link and have access to help curate and moderate the space

  3. You can always remove them from this same tab -- doing so will expire the invite link and generate a new one that you can share with others

If you've already joined a space as a collaborator

  1. You can always return to the space by navigating to your "Collaborations"

  2. Go to

  3. Click on the space title to surface all of your spaces

  4. Go to the collaborations tab

  1. You can also leave a collaboration space from this tab by clicking ... and leaving

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