Profile Set Up

Get your look right

Anyone can visit any public oncyber space without logging on.

Creating an oncyber account will give you access to many more features though!

Login Requirements

In order to create an oncyber account, you'll need one of the following:

  • an email address, gmail or twitter account

  • an ethereum based wallet (MetaMask, Coinbase, Rainbow, etc)

  • a Tezos wallet (Temple, Kukai, etc)

  • a Solana wallet (Phantom)

  • or an acount with Nifty Gateway or Bitski

In the right hand corner, click to login. Alternatively, if you're in world already, you can hover of the placeholder profile picture and login from there

note: connecting a wallet can be scary. We're trusted by hundreds of thousands, the biggest names in web3, and mainstream brands like Nike and Macy's. We support if you prefer to limit your wallet connections.

Once you've logged in, you can navigate to your profile in the same way you connected your wallet to set your profile picture and username.

You'll also now have the ability to create your own space.

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