Present, watch, and listen together

Screensharing works the same way it would on Zoom or any other boomer platform would, only it's in the metaverse so it's really cool.


Permissions follow the exact same flow as Voice chat , so review that guide to get set up with the right permissions to start.

To Share your screen (or just audio)

  • Hover over the menu icon on the panel

  • Select Broadcast

  • Choose the tab or window you want to share

Once you've selected a tab or window, it will appear in front of you! Generally, we recommend moving and resizing the screen in 1st person view (press "c" to move between 1st & 3rd person)

Scale the size of your screenshare by dragging the corners in either direction.

Place the screenshare where you want it to be by dragging from the center --- note that it will auto-place against walls and floors. If you're finding it's placing not exactly where you want it, try dragging it across different walls and floors until it does.

Multiple people can broadcast at once, and you can share your audio and screen at the same time. Have fun!

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