Sharing Your World

You can host an unlimited number of people in your World live or share with others for them to explore on their own time.

First, set up your World details

  1. Using the bottom panel, select the gear icon (aka Settings)

  2. Choose a spicy name that makes sense and will make people interested (like "Test Space for Docs but spicy"

  3. Set a custom URL --- every space has its own dedicated URL by default but you can customize it to your own liking such as

  4. If you want, you can set up a description, but tbh I rarely do. people will see this when they visit your space

  5. A default image will be captured in the "Preview" section -- you can click refresh to capture a live shot of your space or you can overwrite it with a custom image. This will show up in thumbnails when you share your space & in the oncyber feed

Click the copy icon next to your custom URL, and share it with literally everyone you know. They'll thank you.

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