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What is World Builder?
World Builder is a set of tools that allows anyone to create any 3D World that can host hundreds of other people in just a few clicks.
World Builder is browser based and accessible from most devices -- older devices and some phones may have trouble.
You can customize pre-built templates by 3D Creators or you can use building blocks to create your own 3D Worlds.
You can host hundreds of people with text chat, voice chat, screensharing, and more available, all within your own 3D World, all possible in just a few clicks.
Go to to try out building.

Physics Settings
In the World Builder, you can change physics.
Q: Is 0 more gravity or less gravity? What does it affect? A: 0 indicates less gravity. This affects how Virtual Reality Models (VRMs) behave in your spatial world. With 0 gravity, things tend to float in this 3D environment.
Q: Explain what this means for avatars in your immersive world. A: For avatars in your 3D world, a gravity setting of 0 means that they will float or move without the typical downward force. This can create an immersive, space-like environment.
Q: What does fly do and how does it work?
A: If you enable "fly" then Visitors can hold the space bar to continue to ascend upwards, unbound by gravity.

Filters aka Post Processing
Q: What is it? Will it affect performance in my immersive world?
A: Post-processing in 3D environment refers to visual effects added after the main rendering, enhancing the final visual output of your immersive space. It might include effects like bloom, color correction, or depth of field. While post-processing can significantly improve visual quality, it can also affect performance, especially on devices with lower specifications, so use it only when you think something looks really dank, or otherwise, it's up to you, just know there are performance tradeoffs.

Q: How do the different lighting settings affect the space?
A: oncyber allows you to add one directional light that will change the texture of your 3D World and add shadows.
Q: What do the different environments (field etc) mean in the spatial setting?
A: Different environments in the immersive platform provide preset lighting conditions, mimicking real-world 3D locations. For example, a "field" environment might simulate sunlight, creating an outdoor spatial feeling.
Q: How do I create dramatic effects in the 3D environment, how do I create realism?
A: Dramatic effects can be created by playing with shadows, contrast, and color tones in the spatial settings. For realism in the 3D world, ensure consistent lighting angles, soft shadows, and balanced ambient light.

Q: How can I make my own kit? A: You can use software like Blender to create models and then upload them to oncyber directly as glb files. You can review the requirements for a functional kit here:
Q: Can we mint kits? Can you buy kits? A: During the beta period, you cannot yet mint or buy kits, but eventually, yes, you'll be able to mint kits & buy from a broader selection of kits. In the meantime, you can upload and use your own kit for personal use or to perfect it in preparation for open distribution.

Q: How to place kit assets? A: You can drag assets from the kit and place them specifically in the world. Alternatively, you can just click to place them. To find specific pieces, search with keywords like 'floor' for floor components.

Q: How do you delete a placed kit asset? A: Select the asset you want to delete and use the delete or remove option within the World Builder interface. You can also right click any asset to delete it.
Q: Can we rename kit pieces we’ve placed? A: You cannot rename kit pieces that have been placed.

Q: Can I use multiple kit styles together in the same world? A: At the moment, oncyber does not allow blending of different kits, but will be working towards this feature in the future.
Q: How do I find a kit? A: Kits can be found through oncyber’s discovery platform or by searching within the World Builder tool. Go to if you're a first time user.

Q: Can I change a kit and keep progress? A: No, because you can only use 1 kit per World, switching kits will not retain your progress.

Q: How to duplicate kit assets? A: Select the asset you want to duplicate and look for a 'duplicate' option in the World Builder tool. For now you can only duplicate 1 item at a time. We will work on adding group duplication in the coming months.

Q: Can you move the rotation pivot on the gizmo? If not, what is a good workaround? A: You cannot! Would need more details on the issue!

Q: Can I lock kit assets in place? A: Typically, World Builder allow locking assets to prevent unintentional movements however kit assets cannot yet be locked. This will be added over time.

Q: Can you group kit assets and move together? A: You can multi select assets and move them together. Either shift click on each asset to select them as a group or click shift+cmmd and drag to select all within the selection rectangle.

Q: Is there snapping? If not, when is snapping coming? A: Snapping is not currently available. Devs are researching best approach to balance usability and performance!

Q: How do I rescale a kit asset to make it bigger or smaller? A: Right now you cannot rescale a kit asset but this will come, thanks for your patience, we love you.

Q: Can I set or remove collisions on kit assets such as walls/floors? A: The collisions for kit assets are provided and on by default; you cannot turn them off at this time.

Q: How can I upload an image as a custom sky/background? A: Within the World Builder, go to components and select the Background component, select image and then choose a custom one.

Q: Does my progress save automatically? A: oncyber does save as you go as long as you’re logged in, otherwise if you are not yet logged in, you will need to log in in order to save. You can even edit in real time by going to the visitor experience and clicking "shift+k".

Q: Any kit building tips to help understand the sense of scale in the world builder? A: Start with reference objects like avatars or common items to establish scale. This will help maintain a consistent and realistic size across your world.

Q: Can you undo? A: Click ctrl+z to undo!

Q: How to delete elements like background, post-processing, etc.? A: Select the element you want to remove and use the delete or remove option in the World Builder interface.

Q: Is there a return to default button, especially for things like lighting, etc.? A: You can always delete any element or create a new World.

Q: Can I mint and distribute a world I’ve built using a kit? A: You likely will eventually be able to mint and distribute Worlds you’ve built using a kit but not at this time.