Linking spaces via Portals

When you have multiple spaces, want to connect your space to a friend's or want to showcase someone else's space within your space, it's time to use a portal!

Portals are oncyber's version of a link -- they connect any 2 oncyber spaces, essentially turning each oncyber space into a lego block that can be added on to an ever growing world.

There are three ways to add portals:

  1. Click the portal tab on the add asset modal and drag and drop a space

  1. Click a placeholder, and select a space to add it directly in that particular spot

  2. Click on a pre-embedded portal (that the builder of the space set up) and choose where it goes to

Other Notes

  1. When users visit a space, they'll press "E" on desktop to go open a portal or tap it on mobile, and then in either case, they simply walk through to get to the next space

  2. Portals can go to any space, whether you own them or not. You can change the selection to "Search All" and then enter the oncyber URL.

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