Getting Started

Quick start for World Builder

✅ No experience or other tools needed

✅ No downloads

✅ Free to use

With oncyber, you can build a 3D World that can host hundreds of other people in just minutes.

Go to to get started.

You'll have two options:

  1. Build With a Template: 1-click Worlds created by 3D creators that you can quickly use

  2. Build From Scratch (Beta): building blocks to create your own architecture

In both cases, you can host up to 200 other people in your customized World where you can voice and text chat, share your screen and can feature art, images, videos, youtube videos, websites and more.

If you plan to host more than 200 other people, you can do that too. You can really host an unlimited number of people but that's a tough concept to grasp so we tell you 200.

The product is easy enough to use that you should stop reading the docs and have fun building!

Once you have done the basics, see how you can customize it by adding assets and give it a name, set its cover image, and set a custom URL to share with others.

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