Editing Assets


For almost every asset type, you can move and scale the asset.

To move an asset, either drag it around, or click the drop down to open the "advanced placement controls" in order to surface the 3D movement UI which will allow for more precise control

To change the size of your assets, either move the sliding scale, change the size via the size input, or drag the corner of the asset when you're in basic placement control mode.

Asset Specific Functionality

Many asset types have their own specific functionality.

Click on an asset to see what's available.

Set a title for an uploaded asset

If you uploaded your own asset, you can set a title so when people look at it, they see the title.

Adjust your text

Click on text you've placed to adjust the font type, font color, and boxing sizes.

Adjust the size of your iframed websites

If you've placed a website, you can adjust the dimensions of the iframe to make it better fit within a setting.

Play animations

Certain NFTs may have animations tied to them -- if your work has an animation, click on it and you can set the animation to play, or can leave it as is.

Determine video playbacks

Set your video to auto-play or to require people to click on it for it to play.

Determine audio settings for any assets that have audio

You can set audio to play across the entire space, within a spatial range, or just when being looked at.

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