Custom World Overview


oncyber supports 2 separate types of uploads to accommodate the World building process:

1) A World template: a standalone glb model that can be set up as its own standalone oncyber instance.

2) A kit of glb components, all packed into a glb file, that World Builders can use to create their own scenes using the kit.

Each type of upload has its own file organization and naming requirements that must be met in order for them to work in oncyber.

Some oncyber templates are represented via NFTs that allow holders of those NFTs to use the corresponding space on oncyber. oncyber provides tools for 3D artists and communities to mint and distribute space NFTs — to use these tools, your space must pass a review process. At this time, kits cannot be minted.

Permisionless Upload & Use

Anyone can upload and use their own template or kit on oncyber permisionlessly, using your own custom file without asking needing to talk to anyone:

  1. Upload your template or kit

  2. From click “…” and then “Use Now”

Anyone can use the oncyber platform as laid out in the visitor and curator guides.

Space Minting and Distribution (Review Required)

If you want to bring your World template on chain and have it represented by an NFT, your template must pass certain review criteria — it must perform 60+ FPS across standard devices, your glb file must be organized according to our technical standards, and you must submit all required metadata.

If your World Template meets this criteria, your space will be eligible to be minted and distributed.

There are 2 distribution types available:

  • Claim tokens to your own wallet: from 1 to X, mint tokens to your own wallet and do with them as you please.

  • Set up a claim page based on an allowlist: provide a CSV along with your space and we’ll provide a claim page where wallet addresses on the allow list are able to claim the space for free. At this time we do not support listing assets for sale directly on oncyber — you can explore other options by minting the tokens to your own wallet. For now the claim page support free claims only.

To submit your World Template for review:

  1. Go to and upload your build

  2. From click “Submit for Review” to begin the review process

  3. Ping us in the #build chat channel of our discord to prompt a review -- note, we require 7 days notice before we will review.

  4. If your World Template meets review criteria, your space will be eligible for minting and will be approved. if our team rejects the build or otherwise has optimization feedback, you will receive that feedback and are expected to implement changes before the space will be eligible for release.

  5. Once your space is approved, go to and navigate to the “Approved” tab

  6. Click continue

  7. Depending on which option you selected, you’ll have different options. All spaces will be minted within either the oncyber community ethereum collection or the oncyber community polygon collection.

  8. You will receive updates to the email that you submit alongside your destination.

For other questions, read through our Minting Requirements or ask our team in discord.

At this time Kit minting is not yet supported. oncyber's kit functionality is in beta -- oncyber is refining the product before opening up Kit minting but hopes to make it available soon.

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