Other Features

Connect multiple wallets

If you have multiple wallets, you can connect them all -- you can even connect an Ethereum, a Tezos, and a Solana wallet (or multiple of each) all at once.

When you're in the editor, click your profile and click to add another wallet.

Make sure you reselect your primary wallet to be able to continue editing the space you had been editing, but once you've connected multiple wallets, you'll be able to source from each when you want to add an NFT to your space.

Duplicating a space

If you want another copy of your space

  1. Go to oncyber.io/create

  2. Click on the space title to surface all of your spaces

  3. Click ... for the space you want to duplicate and then click to duplicate -- this will create a second copy

You can follow these same steps to delete a space, just instead of duplicating, select to delete the space.

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