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Frequently Asked Questions

What is oncyber and why does it need 3D architects?โ€‹

oncyber is a metaverse platform that makes it easy for anyone to create their own online 3D experience. individuals, communities, and brands curate and manage their own worlds and need the hand of 3D architects to build them!

Why would a 3D architect want to build on oncyber?โ€‹

Architects can monetize their creations, build their reputation, and flex their creative skills!

There is a permisionless route to space use: go to, upload your space, and you can use it without any review.

If you want to mint your space, youโ€™ll need it to be organized according to oncyber standards, ensure the space meets FPS requirements, and that your submission has all necessary metadata as described in our docs.

What is baking and why do architects need to know about it?โ€‹

Baking is a technique that allows us to optimize for performance by taking a low poly approach where textures are "baked" into the model. Because oncyber does not support live lighting, for a space to look great, it's necessary to bake the lighting.

What type of file must be provided?โ€‹

Must be in glb format.

Check out our guide for buildingย here.

Are there any limitations in terms of how many art placeholders a destination can have?โ€‹

There are no limits. Some spaces may need just 1 placeholder and others may need 500. Placeholders are the only way curators can add NFTs to spaces. Placing too many placeholders near each other can encourage users to set up experiences that tax performance.

How can we experiment with art to see what it would look like and help paint our vision?โ€‹

Go to, upload your space, click "โ€ฆ", click use now, and then you can place assets in your space to see how it looks.

Where can architects go for more support?โ€‹

Participate in the oncyberย discordย channel for architects!