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Best practices

Instanced Meshes​

Any mesh with same geometry and material can be an instance mesh. Instance meshes greatly optimize a space’s performance, so using them is highly recommended.

To create an instance mesh in blender, instead of duplicating the mesh with Shift+D, use alt+D. This will automatically reduce the file size of your exported glb and allow us to detect the instanced meshes.

Lighting (& baking)​

For performance purposes, we do not support live lighting, so any lighting must be "baked" into textures.

In the end, your model should give perfect rendering in ourΒ uploader.

πŸ€– Size Limits​

There are no strict size limits for oncyber spaces, but it's important to consider file size as a major factor as to what makes a space great!

If no one can load your space or if people leave your space while it's loading, the space may as well not exist. The larger your file size, the more likely it is that someone will leave while waiting for it to load.

We recommend running your model for compression throughΒΒ as it will make it more performant. You can choose to resize textures to 2048px although we recommend 1024px for file size and performance purposes.

We also recommend you optimize textures as much as possible, trying not to exceed a total of 10k pixels for all textures (one big 10k texture or multiple smaller ones that amount to 10k), to improve performance, please reduce the textures sizes (we recommend 1024x1024 textures).